Logistics Technician / Material Handler

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Key Initiatives and 90 Day Action Plans

  • Each quarter, Material Handlers meet with their team leader to review specific results, improvements, or accomplishments required to support company and departmental objectives.

Inspections & Reconciliations

  • Completes incoming inspections to confirm conformance and reconciliation of receiving/purchase documentation. Reports all defective materials or questionable conditions to the Shipping & Receiving Manager.

Record Management

  • Completes daily receiving entries into required systems, i.e. Top Gun, AmTech, etc. and distributes paperwork as required
  • Assists in inventory control through physical management of supplies and reporting inventory levels of required and/or expected product or supplies
  • Manages raw material and supply inventories, including maintenance and cleaning of inventory areas in the warehouse, inventory organization and racking, inventory cycle counting and reporting.
  • Maintain required supply of shipping materials

Responsible for maintaining an adequate supply of shipping materials on hand at all times.

  • Unloads delivery trucks and either arranges for delivery to end user or stores in appropriate area in warehouse
  • Responds quickly to requests for assistance, supplies or movement of product

Planning / Measures

  • Participates in planning and coordination activates each morning at the Team Boards
  • Key measures of effectiveness and efficiency (including financial) are identified, tracked, and drive continuous improvement through both reactionary and proactive countermeasures.
  • Maintains team measures in place at all work stations and cells and participates in regular team problem solving meetings.
  • Participates in planning by communication of issues and opportunities. Works with initiative to achieve team 90 Day Action plans.

Facilities / Equipment Reliability

  • Preventive Maintenance: Works with all team members to conduct daily, weekly, and/or monthly preventive maintenance. Follows all visual controls and takes action to correct situations outside of controls.
  • 5S: Ensures work area is maintained in a clean, orderly, and safe condition at all times. Completes all regularly scheduled 5S checks. Assists in any 5S activity scheduled for assigned work cells. Immediately alerts team members, team coordinators and Team Leader of all unsafe work conditions.
  • Conducts safety audits; and maintains a safe work environment
  • Performs all required pre-operation inspections on all equipment before use

In Station Process Control

  • Participates in all changes to standardized work with fellow team members to insure ability to do the change and gain the competitive benefits of continuous improvement.
  • Performs all quality audits and checks, looks for all possible poke-yoke opportunities.

Just In Time

  • Understands and provides product line support using Kanban signals or other signaling system in work and overall facility; works Lean; provides product only to level of customer demand.
  • Understands and actively supports the Value Stream in each supported area
  • Understands and supports all quick change overs

Material Handling

  • Understands data recording and tracking for all matters in the cell and for personal human resources data maintenance.
  • Understands level production demands of the team, never batches production runs, looks for production balance among team members, moves quickly to relieve bottle necks to production
  • Performs visual and physical of check paper board for quality, including, but not limited to: cracked scores, cut liner or medium, loose edges or liner, oil, blisters, wrinkles, wash board, warp, clean slits, proper score depth, and appearance
  • May move work-in-process or finished goods as required using a pallet jack, electric lift or powered forklift

Team - Values / Adult to Adult

  • Participates in ongoing development, communication and implementation of team concepts, programs and policies. Coordinates work to ensure best practices with all team members. Attends appropriate team meetings. As a member of the Logistics Team, fosters strong cohesiveness regarding all major issues; e.g., direction, annual plan, budget, policy changes, etc. Accepts responsibility to quickly identify any areas lacking cohesiveness, bringing them to the attention of the team leader and working with the team in a supportive manner to resolve issues effecting cohesion. Actively looks for ways, and reinforces actions needed to build alignment with the larger organization.
  • Is professional and courteous when interacting with all customers and suppliers, both internal and external

Performs other duties as necessary in support of business objectives

  • This position description is intended to guide the activities of the Logistics Team Member. It is not intended to limit the thinking and creativity of the person to the work of this function. Nor is it intended that this describe all the work that may be required of the person in this position.

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