Design & Testing

We carefully design and test everything we produce to solve your challenges and meet your business goals.


We recognize that some products need more than a box.  We take the time to learn your packaging goals, the demands of your industry and the reputation of your products before even starting the design process. For ecommerce customers, we design to meet Amazon’s APASS standards for frustration-free packaging. 

Our expert staff can provide 2D CAD structural design, rapid prototyping and sampling, pallet and container analysis, and 3D rendering graphic design.


Your reputation relies on the integrity of your packaging. Our ISTA-certified lab has a wide array of testing equipment, allowing us to offer an extensive range of pre-production testing including ISTA test protocols 1A & 1C. Our strict testing guarantees that every container we provide you exceeds the highest industry quality standards.

Types of Corrugated Materials Testing

There are two main tests used in the corrugated packaging industry to determine the strength of the corrugated material used to construct a box: the Mullen Test (also known as the Bursting test) and the Edge Crush Test (ECT). In addition to these two tests, we employ a number of other tests which may not necessarily appear within the stamp to ensure the structural integrity of a box and its ability to protect your product. Some of those include the box compression, drop tests and fixed linear vibration.

Mullen Test

Edge Crush Test (ECT)

Box Compression Test

Box Drop Test

How to Read a
Box Certificate Stamp

If you buy a box of cereal at the grocery store and glance at the back or side panels, you’ll find a list of nutrition facts. You can quickly and easily discover the amount of carbs, fat, sugars, and protein in one serving of the breakfast staple. We see these markings frequently and familiarity makes them easy to read.

While you won’t find information about caloric content, corrugated boxes have a similar marking in the form of a Box Manufacturers Certificate. This stamp on the bottom of most corrugated boxes, while easy to overlook, is incredibly useful in determining whether or not a box meets your needs.

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