Headquartered in West Michigan, Coastal Container is a locally-owned, full service packaging company supplying businesses with on-time delivery, durable, cost-effective packaging products and innovative services.

With decades of product, process, and service experience, our customers know us for doing things the right way.

Doing Things

Our founding in 2007 by Brent Patterson offered the chance to set up a new packaging solutions company that did things the right way. We took decades of experience and used it to create products, processes and services that answered the question, “If you could start from scratch what would be the best way to do this?”

That’s the company we created, and we created it within the framework of a culture deeply rooted in relationship-based service, honesty and respect. Those are central to the values that drive West Michigan business, and the reason we made our home in Holland, Michigan.

Our Community

We’re honored to be an integral part of this community. In addition to creating hundreds of jobs and helping local businesses safely move their goods, we look for opportunities to support our community and see its organizations grow.

Those opportunities include donating boxes for Community Action House and Holland Rescue Mission’s fall food drives as well as partnering with D.A. Blodgett St. John’s to support our community’s next generation.

A Mission to Serve

We believe in the stakeholder philosophy of business. Our customers, employees, suppliers, owners and the communities in which we operate are all important parts of the Coastal ecosystem. By acting in the service of all our stakeholders we assure that each will be invested in the continuing success of our company.


Steelcase Premier Supplier Award


Haworth Supplier of the Year


Haworth Supplier Excellence & Innovation Award


Biggest Loser 2017 & 2018

For Carbon Footprint Reduction