Coastal Group companies grab perfect score for quality management

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Last Updated: Last updated Nov 23, 2020

HOLLAND, MI—Coastal Container and Coastal Automotive, both subsidiaries of Holland-based Coastal Group, earned perfect scores for quality management across all four facilities, with zero non-conformities after annual audits. American Systems Registrar (ASR) oversaw both audits at the end of last month.

Coastal Container, a locally-owned full-service packaging company maintained its ISO 9001:2015 certification, and Coastal Automotive, a Tier-1 automotive supplier, continued to meet IATF 16949:2016, the global standard for quality management systems in the automotive industry.

For the first time, the quality certification included Coastal Container’s Honeycomb packaging business, acquired earlier this year and operational since May 26. “Maintaining our certification and bringing our brand-new acquisition of Honeycomb up to spec in only five months is a tremendous accomplishment for our team. More importantly, the perfect score on the audits demonstrates our commitment to running our businesses by standards. We see the audit expectations as the floor, not the ceiling—it is the least our team and our customers should expect.” said Paul Doyle, CEO of Coastal Group.

“Meeting ISO standards helps us consistently provide top-quality products to satisfied customers, which is something we are extremely proud of,” added Pat Mitchell, Quality Director for Coastal Container.

Coastal Automotive, which operates from facilities in both Holland, MI and Rochester Hills, MI, produces critical safety components for automotive companies around the world. Both locations were included in the audit. “When your product is about vehicle safety, there’s nothing more important than making sure every part you ship is going to work every time,” said Jim Zimmerman, Quality Manager for Coastal Automotive.

Coastal Automotive also received the 2019 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award for the fourth consecutive year in April 2020 after drawing attention as a three-time winner of GM’s Supplier of the Year Award.

About Coastal Group

The Coastal Group is a family-owned investment-management company based in Holland, Michigan. Its operating companies include Coastal Automotive, Coastal Container, and TKP Investments.

About Coastal Container

Headquartered in West Michigan, Coastal Container is a locally-owned, full-service packaging company supplying businesses nationwide with on-time delivery, durable, cost-effective packaging products and innovative services. With decades of experience, our customers know us for getting things done right. For more information about Coastal Container, visit us online at

About Coastal Automotive

Coastal Automotive is a Tier 1 global automotive company whose products and solutions increase the safety of interior passenger spaces. Coastal Automotive works with unique products and innovative processes to create value for their customers. For more information visit

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