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Last Updated: Last updated Feb 26, 2021

Coastal Container’s purpose is to protect our customers’ products and reputations from dock to destination. As inhabitants of our community, nation and planet, we understand our responsibility to also protect the places we do business and the people who live there.

We believe in the importance of a triple bottom line: people, planet and prosperity. As we have in the past, we will continue to invest in the well-being of our employees, the future of our environment and the continued ability to bring value to our stakeholders and customers. A wider focus on these interconnected goals makes us truly effective as a sustainable business.

Our Pledge

Sustainability, as an integral part of a business plan, is difficult. The ability to see opportunity and translate that into real-world business practice takes effort and resources. It’s way more complicated than recycling pop cans in the kitchen and cardboard in the plant. In our Sustainability Report you will find our vision, our current actions and our best shot at an honest assessment of where we are today relative to our aspirations. 

The Next Level

After over a decade of operating with sustainability as a driving value, we’re ready to take our sustainability goals to the next level. Starting in 2021, Coastal Container is committed to setting five-year measurable environmental impact goals and making yearly progress towards those goals. In addition, we will share what we learn about successful sustainability measures and be advocates of best practices in the packaging industry among our community partners. 

We will continue to report back each year on our progress, ensuring that we act on our promises. To learn more about our commitment to people, planet and prosperity, read our full Sustainability Report.

New &

From Truck to Train: Our Environmental Impact

From Truck to Train: Our Environmental Impact

Our upcoming expansion includes a new railway spur line that allows us to receive our raw material in the form of massive paper rolls instead of corrugated sheets. A single delivery of seven rail cars will replace approximately 48 truck loads of sheets, which produces big savings on fuel and carbon emissions.

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A Place to Grow: Employee Story

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