New Equipment Creates New Capabilities

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Last Updated: Last updated Jul 11, 2020

To provide our customers with the best products and services, we have recently invested in two important pieces of equipment: a rotary die cutter and a post folder gluer.

“Our strong economy has encouraged companies across the area to take this opportunity and reinvest in our industry,” said Nathan Hoekstra, sales manager for Coastal Container. “We are investing in equipment, so we can provide our customers with our products quicker and at a lower, fixed cost.”

Coastal Container spent the last year analyzing what equipment we used most often and what would save our clients cost and time. Our analysis led to the investment in two pieces of equipment:
“The new equipment gives us an opportunity to become involved in new markets,” Hoekstra said. “We can be more competitive because we can increase output on our die cutter and the folder gluer. This makes it possible to bring great value to current and future clients.”

United Flexus Rotary Die Cutter This equipment features vacuum transfer and a bundle breaker, expanding our output capabilities. With the new equipment, set up time decreased and uptime increased.

Post Folder Gluer- Considered a specialty folder gluer, the new equipment increases our capabilities, expanding the spectrum of product we can run. Equipped with memory setup, it saves money by reducing setup time, and it is capable of more intricate folds, improving the product we can offer.

These two pieces of machinery will lead to improvements in speed, offsetting increased raw material prices and allowing better quality control.

“Ultimately, we are creating a better product and experience for our customers while also saving them money.”

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