New Record Performance Sheet-Conversions is Testament to Coastal’s Strong Teamwork

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Last Updated: Last updated Mar 8, 2023

123,075 kicks
in 10 hours

12,307 kicks
per hour

601,700 MSF
total square footage

Congratulations to our Machine 10 crew for their fantastic performance this Monday as they smashed the previous production record by 39,000 boxes, an impressive performance on a SECO 37” 924 Flexo folder gluer. The outstanding crew was led by floor leader Ryan Cook and consists of:

  • Jessica Noller, Operator
  • Lora Akridge, Prefeeder
  • Maria Nopal, Load Former
  • Mark Houtman, Material Handler

Topp Corrugated Products also recognized this team and our company for this world-class achievement. “This is a great example of the culture Brent and his leadership team has built,” said Topp, “and just another example that you don’t have to spend $3,500,000 million or more to get great performance.”

“This team is the perfect example of a crew focused on the same goal. What a fantastic performance from this team and their leader Ryan Cook.”

Coastal Container owner Brent Patterson

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