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Last Updated: Last updated Apr 30, 2021

At our customers’ requests, we have continued to add options for certification labeling on product orders. Our sustainable practices and high expectations for sustainable supplier partnerships make these certifications a natural choice for Coastal, requiring few changes to our already green processes and vendors.

Leaders in Certifications

In the paper and wood industries, there are two main levels of forest-based certification from different certifying bodies:

1. Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) 

2. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

These nonprofit organizations prioritize sustainable practices and are similar in scope, independently certifying products and processes. Both organizations prioritize different issues, with some overlap. To read about both in detail, click here for FSC principles and SFI principles.

Coastal Container first received SFI Chain of Custody and Certified Sourcing Standard certifications in 2019. We are pleased to announce that we will continue to expand these certifications to our newer honeycomb product line this spring and add a new certification to our company — FSC Chain of Custody.

FSC Chain of Custody 

In order to receive FSC Certification, Coastal must follow careful steps in our supply chain and abide by FSC’s labeling, organization and other standards. “There must be an unbroken chain of organizations independently certified by FSC-accredited certification bodies covering every change in legal ownership of the product,” in order for the resulting corrugated or honeycomb product to be FSC certified.

You Asked, We Delivered

Upon customer request, any Coastal paper-based products will be able to carry this FSC certification, as well as our previous SFI certifications. We are excited to offer this additional certification for all of our customers, allowing each of our products to carry one or multiple seals.

We expect for FSC Chain of Custody certification to be available for Coastal products starting in late May 2021. Our FSC audit will take place at the end of April, just in time for Earth Day.

Read more about our sustainable supply chains and the life cycle of a box here.

Earth Day Every Day

Sustainability is a growing trend in every industry. We have found that customers increasingly ask for higher percentages of recycled material in their products and for certifications regarding our vendors and processes. As a locally-owned, full-service company, we are excited to offer these independent certifications to our customers.

We’re happy to continue to do right by our planet as a company while also providing the highest quality corrugated products for our clients. As a priority for all of Coastal Group, conversations around sustainability are a strategic focus in each of our quarterly planning meetings, ensuring that our practices are continually improving while also improving our products and planet.

Learn more about Coastal’s most recent certifications and see if Coastal corrugated solutions are right for you. Save a tree, send us an email.

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