Sustaining Our Communities

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Last Updated: Last updated Apr 27, 2021

A Broader Understanding of Prosperity

In business terms, prosperity is often measured as profit. But profit is not the purpose of our business—rather, it is how we fund our future and make our business sustainable for all stakeholders. With profit we acknowledge the investment of our owners, we bring the best products and services to our customers, we invest in our team members, we enhance our supply chain, and we partner with the communities in which we work. If we are not prosperous we can do less of these good things. 

Reciprocal Flourishing

And with specific respect to our communities, it’s reciprocal: businesses prosper in healthy communities and prosperous communities cause businesses to flourish. This relationship between community and business underscores one of our key sustainability philosophies: as we prosper, it’s our responsibility to serve our community as best we can in big and little ways.

Coastal Community Initiatives

Community Event Support

Coastal is a regular supporter of local events and needs, including Christmas and Thanksgiving parades, Tulip Time events, and many more.

Charitable Giving

Coastal Container supports a number of local non-profit organizations, including Community Action House, D.A. Blodgett St. John’s, Holland Rescue Mission, Boys & Girls Club of Holland and Bethany Christian Services. And every year, team members have the opportunity to nominate new local charitable causes to support.

Leadership Instruction and Mentoring

Coastal executives and managers provide leader training and mentoring in local university programs as well as supporting publicly-offered leadership training programs.

Executive Roundtable

Coastal executives lead a meeting of 50 local senior executives dedicated to finding best practices for managing our businesses.

West Michigan Economic Development

We both donate to and sit on this advisory board, which guides community growth and investment.

Learn more about how our commitment to a triple bottom line of people, planet and prosperity informs everything we do by reading our Sustainability Report.

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