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Last Updated: Last updated Apr 20, 2021

It is difficult to overstate how much the success of our organizations hinge on leadership. Which is why this year our team leaders are participating in a year-long development program designed to help leaders understand the specific tasks a leader does.

Leading is Work

We are convinced that leading is its own work. It’s hard work, good work, and important work. We believe that the tasks a leader does can be learned and continuously improved.

The conductor of a symphony can probably play several of the instruments, but the work of conducting is not playing an instrument—it is about creating music from the talented individual musicians. So too is it with leading a work team.

What Our Leaders Learn

This year we will enhance our 3P (People, Planet, Prosperity) Sustainability as a company as our Coastal team leaders learn:

1. Serve

That as leaders we exist to serve those we lead

2. Build Teams

That all our work is done in teams and teams need to be constructed and developed

3. Lead

That people want a vision of the company and team that defines a clear and compelling finish line and the strategies to get there

4. Motivate

That people are not motivated exclusively by sticks and carrots, but rather meaningful work creates an environment where people want to give more

5. Measure

That people need feedback about their work to guide them in continuous improvement, a score board to know if they are winning or losing

6. Organize

That a leader makes it easier for people to succeed than to fail. They organize the work, the information, tools and material so that the team can be a productive, lean enterprise.

7. Direct

That work needs good direction, clear priorities and a leader who is available to assist as needed

8. Communicate

That information is the life blood of a company and a leader must participate in the intentional movement of information in and out of their team for the good of the company

9. Develop People

That people want to learn and grow. A leader develops their people continuously: personally, professionally, and organizationally.

10. Develop Process

That a leaders purpose is to imagine and build a better tomorrow and so they must also continuously develop their core processes.

11. Master Finance

That finance is the common language of business and leaders must know the connection between their work and the financial controls of the company.

Paul Doyle, CEO of Coastal Group

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